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Happy Christmas from the Great Crane Project!

Where are they now?

Through November, the group of around 70 birds in Somerset broke up into smaller units with birds being seen on maize stubbles and pasture near the river Yeo to the east of Long Load, on Aller Moor and on Southlake Moor. A group of around 40 have started regularly visiting Aller Moor where the banks of the River Parrett give an elevated position and better chance of seeing them. Try walking part of the River Parrett trail between Oath footbridge and Willow Bridge at Stathe.


What 'A Celebration of Cranes'!

After a big build up, it finally happened... and it did not disappoint!


Photo - John England.  One of two giant cranes made at community workshops during Somerset Art Weeks.

A Celebration of Cranes - 22nd November

Somerset Artworks (SAW) and The Great Crane Project are collaborating on 'A Celebration of Cranes' - a celebratory project working with artists, musicians, local schools and communities. An illuminated lantern procession with spectacular crane puppets, dramatic costumes and live music with The Big Noise Street Band will take place on Saturday 22 November at 4.30pm.


CRANE SAFARIS - Due to another fantastic response all of this winters crane safaris are now FULLY BOOKED - Sorry for any dissapointment caused.

Do you want a behind the scenes chance to see cranes like this on the Somerset Levels...?

Then read on!


All Hallows Crane Art!

Cranes have always been important in the history and culture of this country and over 270 place names derive from the crane (which is more than any other bird) using the Anglo Saxon suffix Cran and the Norse suffix Tran.

This is something that the staff and pupils from All Hallows prep school at East Cranmore near Shepton Mallett take very seriously. The school is based at Cranmore Hall and even their School emblem is a crane!

So proud are they of this conection that they linked a whole school project to the Great Crane Project!

A Home Fit For A Crane!

A couple of weeks ago Damon blogged about some of the habitat creation work that we are doing at the momment and at the time it was a work in progress. The diggers have now gone and the area looks a whole lot different!

What started off as this....

became this....


New Nature Calendar goes Live!

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new Somerset Levels and Moors Nature Calendar on this site. Using pictures taken by local volunteers it shows when and where to see some of the best nature experiences the area has to offer .

From bitterns to butterflies and grass snakes to great white egrets discover whats out there by clicking on the Nature Calendar tab across the top of this page and explore away!

Chicks Go Live!

After their successful journey to the Levels earlier this week I am delighted to announce that all of this year's chicks now have their very own profile on the website. We will keep these updated as time goes on. At the moment most of the birds are just known by their colour ring combination but as in previous years, we will invite local schools to name and champion each bird. Who knows what weird and wonderful names they will come up with?