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A Home Fit For A Crane!


A couple of weeks ago Damon blogged about some of the habitat creation work that we are doing at the momment and at the time it was a work in progress. The diggers have now gone and the area looks a whole lot different!

What started off as this....

became this....

And has finished off as this!

After seeing the digger at works with massive spoil heaps of peat lying around it was difficult to visualise what the finished product would look like - We weren't disappointed! Although a bit bare looking at the moment, vegetation will soon grow up and the islands that have been created will be a perfect habitat for the cranes and lots of others species besides. In fact as we arrived at the pool yesterday we surprised a large female peregrine falcon which had been sitting on the waters edge! Although not traditionally associated with wetland areas they tend to move in during the autumn and winter to take advantage of the large numbers of ducks and waders that gather here during this time. In the last few days there have been plenty of snipe around and these are a particular favourite of the peregrine!

Snipe are a common sight on the Levels and Moors at the moment and will take advantage of the habitat management that we are doing. (image - Nick Stacey).

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