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Profile Picture and Leg Ring Combination Code

  • Green
  • White
  • Black

What is this?

Each crane has a unique combination of 3 coloured rings on their right leg. This marking code helps to identify the crane in the wild.

  • Sex: Male
  • Date of Hatching (birthday): 5 May, 2014
  • Date of Release:
  • Tracking Tag:
  • Life Status: In Captivity
  • Champion Status: Not yet

Character profile:

Green White Black was timid as chick, but a good follower.  He has no siblings, as his sibling sadly died of a yolk sac infection prior to hatching. Green White was diagnosed as having cataracts prior to the move to Somerset, and has had to be taken into captivity.  He has been moved to Pensthorpe Conservation Trust where he will be well looked after.   His operation is scheduled for mid January 2015.   He has been named Merry by the Pensthorpe team.

Photos of Merry

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