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Profile Picture and Leg Ring Combination Code

Red Black White
  • Red
  • Black
  • White

What is this?

Each crane has a unique combination of 3 coloured rings on their right leg. This marking code helps to identify the crane in the wild.

  • Sex: Male
  • Date of Hatching (birthday): 25 April, 2011
  • Date of Release: 22 August, 2011
  • Tracking Tag: Radio tracking
  • Status: Paired with Michaela. Breeding attempt 2015: failed at chick stage (22 days old). 2016: Made 2 nesting attempts, both failed. 2017: 1st nesting attempt failed at the egg stage but 2nd attempt produced two fledged chicks. 2018: 1st nesting attempt failed at egg stage but the 2nd attempt hatched two chicks, neither reached fledge. 2019: One successful breeding attempt fledging one chick. 2020: No evidence of a breeding attempt. 2021: No evidence of a breeding attempt. 2022: No evidence of a breeding attempt.
  • Life Status: Unknown
  • Champion Status: Championed

Character profile:

May 2011: Timmy-Clef came from an enormous egg - the biggest of the 2011 season and was the fourth to hatch, placing him in the ‘A block’ at the rearing facility.  He is the brother of Legend with whom he shares a hatch-date ‘birthday’.  He had a few problems with his legs in the early weeks, but has come through and is walking and growing well.  A good team player. August 2011: He has developed well but does get a bit panicky every time we leave the enclosure. He is starting to get more dependent on the others, but every time we appear he stays close to us for a long time before going off to forage again. He is still able to join any of the other birds in a group without any trouble and we are looking forward to seeing who he finally chooses to stay with in the wild! September 2011 : Along with legend, Timmy was one of the first cranes to attach itself to the older birds and would repeatedly go off with them - despite being regularly 'knocked back' by the sharp beaks of the naturally quite aggressive older birds.  Timmy is now a fine and well integrated member of the large flock of 2010 and 2011 release year cranes that forage across the Levels and Moors. September 2012: Timmy-Clefe has adapted well to life with the Somerset flock and he and his cohort are all behaving as naturally as any wild cranes.  They have spent the summer feeding on the un-seasonally flooded grasslands of the Moors and Levels in small fragmented groups, but as Autumn rolls in they are starting to flock again and follow the harvest, hoovering up any spilt and wasted grain in farmer's fields. July 2013:  Timmy seems to have formed quite a bond with Regina.... an older lady ( but only by a year) .. watch this space! January 2014: Timmy-Clef spent the winter very much as part of a tight-knit flock on Stanmoor, near Stoke-St.Gregory. We hope that he will pair up this year - perhaps with Regina, although there are currently no signs of this.... yet...  Go Tim !! August 2014: Well... Timmy caught us all by surprise by pairing up with Tamsin - (another older lady!) during March, and they both flew up to Slimbridge with a group of other birds in early April.  However, Timmy returned alone after only a few days but in early May both Tamsin and Timmy were seen together on West Sedgemoor.  However, Tamsin was then part of a group of birds that explored the delights of South Wales during May, and we are not sure if Timmy was also part of this group. They have been seen together since, however, as part of a small group but they certainly didn't make a breeding attempt this year... perhaps next? July 2015: Well –who’d have thought it!  Timmy surprised us all this spring, after spending the autumn and winter on the Levels and Moors within the wintering flock by pairing up with Michaela – a 2010 female.  The pair went on to make a nest on West Sedgemoor in early April, only to find that they were within another pairs territory and abandoning it.  Timmy then nested a second time with Michaela, but sadly this nest was partially predated by a crow, which broke one of the eggs and after a few more days incubation of the remaining egg – this was also abandoned.  Their third attempt in May, hatched on 13th June and the pair went on to raise a single chick for the next 3 weeks.  Sadly, in early July, the chick is thought to have died – cause unknown. February 2016: Timmy remained in Somerset throughout the winter of 2014/15 and in early 2016 took up territory again with Michaela back on West Sedgemoor.  It looks likely that they may make another attempt here this year. July 2016: Back on its territory with Michaelafrom early in the New Year. Began incubation on West Sedgemoor in late March, but failed at egg stage. A 2 nd attempt also on West Sedgemoor failed at hatching/just after hatch. Cause of loss unknown but possibly predation by an otter.    Nov 2017: In February and March Timmy was observed with Michaela on West Sedgemoor  feeding in last year’s territory.  Around 24th March they were observed exhibiting nesting behaviour and incubation was confirmed on 26th.  However, for unknown reasons the pair abandoned this nest on 16th April.  No evidence of eggs or disturbance was found.  A second attempt started on 2nd May and successfully went full term with hatching on 1st June. On 13th June two chicks were confirmed.  The family stayed close to the nest site to feed and were seen regularly.  On 17th July one of the chicks was successfully ringed (Red Black Green) and radio tagged.  Subsequent DNA test results showed this chick to be a male and he has been nicknamed Eugene.    Both parents and chicks have been seen throughout July and they have now reached fledging age.  The family rejoined the flock in the Autumn.  Congratulations Timmy & Michaela. Sept 2018:  Timmy was paired with Michaela and seen in their territory throughout February and March.  Began incubation on the first nest in early April, but the nest ended in failure.   2nd attempt hatched 2 chicks but one was lost early to an unknown cause, the other was ringed and radio tagged on 26th July.  On 6th August this juvenile was found dead.  Date of death around 1st August – cause unknown.     Sept 2019:  Paired with Michaela and frequently seen on territory on West Sedgemoor on the Somerset Levels and Moors throughout the winter. Incubation started 17th March and two chicks were hatched on or about 12th April.  On 31st May both juveniles were successfully ringed and radio tagged.  In early June one of the juveniles was found dead (cause unknown) but the other (nicknamed TimiTutu) fledged on 24th July and DNA tests shown to be a male.  Timmy, Michaela and chick were with the main flock in August but Timmy was being seen on his own with the chick in September and Michaela apparently paired with Cleg. 2020:  Timmy was observed with Tamsin on West Sedgemoor in March and again in July but no evidence of nesting was observed.  He has been observed with the flock on West Sedgemoor in the Autumn.  Sept 2021: Timmy was observed prospecting with Margaret on Southlake SSSI, Somerset Levels and Moors, but no evidence of incubating was observed by 13th April.  Not seen again during the breeding season. Both were observed on W Sedgemoor in September.   Autumn 2022:   Timmy was seen on West Sedgemoor, Somerset Levels and Moors over the winter but has not been observed since March and there is no evidence of a breeding attempt.                     

Crane Champions

  • Monteclefe Primary School, Somerton

Photos of Timmy-Clefe

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