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Profile Picture and Leg Ring Combination Code

  • Black
  • Red
  • White

What is this?

Each crane has a unique combination of 3 coloured rings on their right leg. This marking code helps to identify the crane in the wild.

  • Sex: Male
  • Date of Hatching (birthday): 6 May, 2011
  • Date of Release:
  • Tracking Tag:
  • Status: Deceased
  • Life Status: Deceased
  • Champion Status: Not yet

Character profile:

May 2011: Olly was a single egg taken from a nest site in Brandenburg where the cranes have all traditionally been named Olly.  He came out of an exceptionally short and fairly rotund egg – but is a beautiful chick! He is a rather noisy member of the D block though, and is quite a 'baby' in attitude. July 2011: Sadly, in late July, Olly was sadly given a rather over-zealous peck by another of the cranes that cracked his skull above his beak, and he was found dead in the exercise area.  He was turning out to be a very fine crane and all the team are gutted that he never made it to release  - a real shame indeed. RIP Olly. 

Photos of Olly

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