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Profile Picture and Leg Ring Combination Code

  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Red

What is this?

Each crane has a unique combination of 3 coloured rings on their right leg. This marking code helps to identify the crane in the wild.

  • Sex: Female
  • Date of Hatching (birthday): 1 May, 2010
  • Date of Release: 24 August, 2010
  • Tracking Tag: Radio tracking
  • Status: Paired with Jasper 2016& 2017, and Pecky from 2018. 2016: Made 1 nesting attempt - failed at egg stage. 2017: No breeding attempt observed. 2018: One breeding attempt, hatched single chicks, chick lost at around 1 month old. 2019: One breeding attempt, one chick reared to fledge then died. 2020: One breeding attempt, hatched one chick which died. 2021: Regina has not been seen since Summer 2020:
  • Life Status: Unknown
  • Champion Status: Championed

Character profile:

Summer 2010: Reg (Regina) was not a pretty bird as she grew up! She was very aggressive and spent a lot of time fighting and ended up rather battle scarred. She grew very quickly, and often appeared slightly uncoordinated, especially when running.  She has settled in well in the release enclosure and quickly found her place as part of a large and stable cohort.  Regina has no siblings.  September 2010: Reg has formed a very strong bond with Sedge and Monty and these three birds   - The Three Amigos -  are regularly seen together.  They have been the first group to roost in an alternative location to the release enclosure and currently spend the night in a small body of water around 500m from the pen. October 2010: Regina is still strongly bonded with the other two, but now has the addition of Ruby and Tamsin so there is often a group of five exploring the Levels and Moors.  November 2010: Reg and her group, led by Sedge, have recently joined Clarence’s group and all 20 birds are usually seen flying and foraging everywhere together. In the last few days the 3 amigos were alone again, flying around finding new decoys we had put out. They found the maize stubbles for the rest of the cranes and since then it has become the favourite food for the group! Sedge is now sticking with Clarence’s group again, although Reg and Cosmo have still been flying around as a duo. Regina seems to have taken over as leader for this group.  January 2011: It would seem that Reg has forgotten all about her allegiance with Monty and the three amigos, and has been an integral part of a tight-knit flock over the winter - a good strategy when things get as tough as they did  in December! March 2011:  Reg is still with the rest of the flock and looking pretty scruffy just now, although compared with some of the other birds she was always a bit of a rough and ready bird. As with Sedge and Monty, we are waiting to see if the three amigo's reform in the spring, once the main flock splits up. September 2011:  Reg has finally stared taking proper care of herself!  She has seemingly given up her scruffy appearance in favour of a much more adult crane look, and has developed some stunning mature plumage.  January 2013: Nothing particular of note for the 2012 year, except a brief excursion up to Slimbridge in early June as part of a group of 11 birds - but returning the following day. April 2013: Regina has been seen frequently in Clarence's company from late February - but no signs of mating, or particularly strong pair-bond behaviour so far - fingers crossed! July 2013: Regina did not go into moult this year, like many of her 2010 cohort but instead nurtured a relationship with Timmy from the 2011 cohort with whom she now seems fairly well bonded. January 2014: Regina remained in Somerset throughout the winter as part of a big flock, feeding on Stanmoor, whilst the rest of the moors were underwater.  No signs of pair-bonding yet but fingers crossed for 2014.  July 2014:  Regina appeared to be unpaired during the early spring in Somerset.  In April she turned up at Slimbridge with another group of birds but returned to Somerset mid month.  She has not been seen since then but will hopefully appear again soon.  Sep 2014: Regina has re-appeared  - perhaps following a moult period in Somerset. July 2015: Regina appeared to pair up with Jasper (a 2012 male) during the spring, but was also frequently seen in the company of Christmas-Shoes (a 2011 female) and it was unclear exactly which of the two females Jasper was with – perhaps both!  She remained on the Somerset Levels throughout the spring and summer.  We are hopeful that 2016 will be the year she makes a breeding attempt. February 2016: Regina remained in Somerset all winter - it is not yet clear if she has a pair bond with another bird. July 16: Set up territory on West Sedgemoor in February. Incubation started on 28 th May but after 22 days the nest failed due to predation by unknown predator. No subsequent nesting attempts were made.Nov 2017:   The pair were seen together on the east end of West Sedgemoor, Somerset  in early March and were still feeding in their territory at the end of the month.  They were still feeding together during  April, and were seen in several parts of West Sedgemoor having apparently abandoned their territory of last year.   Jasper was seen in moult, and the pair were identified alive and well in late July.  The pair have remained in Somerset.      Sept 18:   Observed at Cotswold Water Park with two other adult cranes on 21st March.  Spring observations revealed she wasn’t paired with Jasper this year but with Pecky. Incubation started on 5th April.  1 chick hatched around 5th May and parents and chick feeding in territory throughout May. The single chick was lost in June – cause unknown, but foxes seen in area.  Pair seen with flock on Aller moor on 9th August.    Sept 2019:  Observed regularly in the Hambridge area on West Sedgemoor with Pecky during March and April and they are thought to have started incubation on 2nd May.  One chick hatched around 30th May.  This juvenile was successfully caught, ringed and radio tagged on 26th July and fledged in mid August.  However, it was found dead in its nest area from an unknown cause on 22nd August.        Sept 2020:  Regina was observed on territory on West Sedgemoor with Pecky on 16th March.  Hatched 1 chick - lost at 14 days – cause unknown.  Regina has not been observed with the flock on West Sedgemoor during the Autumn.   2021:  Regina has not been seen since the spring of 2020.              

Crane Champions

  • Emma Britton - BBC Somerset

Photos of Reg (Regina)

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