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Good news from our Somerset Cranes

juvenile cranesThe 2018 breeding season is now over and there is very good news from West Sedgemoor.  Three pairs produced three youngsters now fledged and in the photograph you can see two of them in flight.  Additionally the pairs who have chosen to stay at Slimbridge have also produced 3 youngsters, now fledged.  It has been a very good year for breeding attempts though not all have been successful.  Hopefully these now settled pairs will go on to succeed in the next few years. 

The biographies of all the surviving released cranes are now up to date if you would like to see how they fared.   Choose  'The Cranes'  tab then  'Meet the Cranes' in the drop down list and then click on the individual photos of the birds you want to read about. 

I hope you enjoy keepingup with their news.

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