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Another good year for our Cranes

Hello Crane fans and Happy New Year to you!

The Report for 2022 is now available via the 'News' tab.  Once again the breeding success has been a reason to be cheerful and has almost matched that of 2021.  A maximum of 18 (that we know of) juveniles fledged but was sadly reduced to 14 by the end of the year.  However, it has been very difficult to assess since we have seen very little of the flock since late October.  Since the very cold snap in early December followed by considerable flooding we think they have found other areas to feed and spend time in.  It is possible that they do return to roost but if so they are arriving after dark.  We hope they will be back once the water has drained off the Reserve. Last year's breeding season was quite a long one.  The first nest was observed in late February and the last in mid June though some of the late ones were re-lays.  Five of our successful pairs decided to take the year off having failed their first attempt they did not try again. A well earned rest should mean a better year in 2023.  So we look forward to observing their efforts come March (or perhaps earlier).  As usual hopes are high!

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