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2022 Breeding season underway

Hello Crane fans

This year's breeding season got underway very early this year.  The first pair to start incubating were Haribo & Twinkle at the end of February.  Now they are proud parents of one chick which hatched around 27th March but wasn't seen until 4th April which caused us some anxious moments.  So, congratulations to the first 2022 family.  We have another pair due to hatch soon and this pair are unringed and are presumed to be cranes reared here in Somerset but without the opportunity to ring them we cannot say for sure.  An unringed pair did rear a chick last year and we hope these are the same pair - so they have had some success.  All other nests are recent so have some time to go.  Quite a few pairs have found other locations away from their Somerset 'home' and we might have to wait until they return with fledged young (hopefully).

More news as the season progresses! 

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