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Who's with whom?

The last couple of months have been a fascinating time and we have been seeing the cranes start to form pair-bonds with lots of display, agression and interesting allegiances forming.   The chart above has all the 2010 and 2011 males in the first column and then the females that are most closely bonded to them in the second column.    The most definite and obvious pairs we have so far are:

Gilbert & Michaela; Monty & Chris; Bart & Gemma; Minnie & Twinkle; Charlie & Swampy.

We also think it likely that Mennis & Reg (although Reg has also been associated with a LOT of other males!) and Cosmo & Pippa may also be paired up.  The remaining pairings are just possibles really - and not been seen to be particularly reinforced at all. 

It seems that often there is a 'third' bird involved in some of the pairings... in the case of Gilbert and Michaela it is Elle - Yellow Blue White - who seems to be hanging around and trying to get in on the action. With Bart and Gemma - who were/are at Slimbridge - it is Wendy.    All very modern - but you have to remember that these are still very young birds just making their first tentative attempts at pair-bonding and they have a lot to learn.


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