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Somerset's very own soap opera

The cranes have been VERY busy over the last couple of weeks.

 Tamsin on Timmy - Early March 2014

We have seen some of last year's pairings continuing to flourish, some couples spiltting, some rather 'modern' trios of birds forming, a number of new romances blossoming as well as a good number of fleeting dalliancies. 

Sorting it all out has been a lot of fun  - they have certainly kept us on our toes - and they have been very mobile - turning up all over the place it would seem.

Currently there are three clear pairs in Somerset that we know of.  

Twinkle (a 4 year old female) & Haribo (a 2 year old male)

Mennis (a 4 year old male) & Swampy (a 3 year old female)

Legend (a 3 year old male) & Elle (a 3 year old female)

There are also 3 pairs that we know are behaving as pairs, but are yet to track down....

Gilbert ( a 4 year old male) & Michaela (a 4 year old female).  This pair attempted to breed in 2013

Gerald ( a 3 year old male) & Flash (a 3 year old female) - current whereabouts unknown

Timmy (a 3 year old male) & Tamsin (a 4 year old female)  - current whereabouts unknown

... and there are 2 pairs well established at WWT Slimbridge

Chris (a 4 year old female) and Monty (a four year old male) - currently nest building

Ruby (a 4 year old female) and Bart (a four year old male) - currently nest building

.... and now another 6 birds which may or may not be paired up.....

Sedge, Wendy, Minnie, and Gemma from 2010 (all 4 yrs old) and two males from 2012 (2 yrs old) Phelps and Midnight.

We will be watching them closely over the coming weeks.


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