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Heave Ho!

Had a fabulous day yesterday with a lovely bunch of volunteers and RSPB staff getting the 'top-nets' onto the crane aviary on the Somerset Levels and Moors. 

Firstly a tangled mess of net - that had been stored out on site, within a tarpaulin, but under 1m of water at the height of the winter flood.  It had also, rather unpleasantly had been used by Mink as a latrine and a store of half-eaten duck eggs and bits of dead coot and mallard. 

The first job is to spread it all out. A handy hay-cut field near by worked a treat...

Then it needs neatly furling into pleats so it deploys easily over the aviary wires... Heave Ho! 

Then carrying carefully to the site... rather amusing!

And I didn't manage to get any photos of it going up as we were all hands to the deck! 

So the finished item...

All we need now is some cranes! 

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Damon’s role is to act as the hub of the project - making sure everyone involved knows what is going on and that it is all running smoothly. He is also responsible for project community awareness work in Somerset, construction of the release enclosure, and running the post release monitoring work in Somerset.  Damon works alongside the RSPB reserve teams in Somerset.