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Fantastic News.... Monty and Chris are incubating!

We have some wonderful news to share.

One of the pairs of cranes released by the project in 2010 (Monty and Chris) started incubating on April 25th.  This pair have spent nearly a whole year around the WWT Slimbridge Reserve in Gloucestershire, and they began nest building infront of one of the hides at the end of March. 

   Chris and Monty on their original nest. Photo: James Lees.

They abandoned this nest in mid April,  made another in different location and then laid and started to incubate eggs.   We don’t yet know if the eggs are fertile, but if they hatch, they will do so around May 25th.   There is a live web-cam on the nest site and you can watch the action at:

  Meanwhile, back on the Somerset Levels and Moors there has also been some exciting action - where a pair known as Gilbert and Michaela also built a nest  – but sadly abandoned it before laying commenced.  This is very positive news for future years.  Cranes most usually don't breed successfully until they are five years old.

 Gilbert and Michaela 'courting'.  Photo: John Crispin

 Gilbert and Michaela's (empty) nest.  Photo: Damon Bridge

For the moment though - all eyes are on the nest of Monty and Chris at Slimbridge. 

Fingers, toes and beaks crossed that they will hatch!   


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