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All loved up in Somerset

  Minnie, Squidgy and Vince - a bizarre love triangle ??

We are not sure if it is the presence of the new birds or just the time of year, but we have started noticing what might be the start of some pair bonding in the older birds over the last few days.   Pairs of birds have been noted, separate from the rest of the group.  Here's Minnie (Red Green Red) and Squidgy (Green Yellow Red) with Vince (White Green White) and Minnie's male buddy for the last 18 months looking on in what can only be distain!  

Gilbert (Yellow White Red) was spotted nuzzling and  preening Chris(tine)  (Black Blue Red) yesterday accompanied by some courtship neck-stretching and bugling too.

All very exciting.

Many thanks to Nick Upton for the wonderful photo and the observations!

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