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A few weeks ago Tamsin, one of our female birds disappeared for two days. This was a real worry to us and we were relieved to find her again. However, when we did find her she was in a bit of a sorry state sitting down in a watery ditch. We managed to pick her up and transfer her to our recuperation facility, and after giving her a check discovered she had a large tear down her wing accompanied by swelling and bruising. This indicated she had flown into something meaning she could not fly and stay with the others. We had to keep her for two weeks to enable her to heal properly and during this time our worry was that she would become less wild than the others and not reintegrate back into the group properly. However, throughout the time she was in, even though we were working with her in our grey costumes, she showed no sign of becoming subdued and the day came when we thought we could re-release her.

We knew where the rest of the group were roosting and under the cover of darkness took Tamsin to the field adjacent to them, letting her go without us disturbing them. She headed straight for the last roost site they were using when she was last with them and spent the reminder of the day in that area surrounded by the safe cover of long vegetation. Two others from the main group joined her for the whole day, their heads popping up every now and again from out of the reedbed.

A short flight was taken by Tamsin during the day, and she seemed to cope well. The flock then joined the three in the evening as the sunset and the group was reunited as a whole 18 again!

She is spending a bit more time alone during the day than we had hoped but we know she is fine as we are radio tracking her to make sure she is surviving the snowy weather, and she is very alert and flighty if anything gets too close, a positive sign that she is in good health. We have also found her tracks in the snow around feed points so we know she is still eating well. Hopefully over the next week or so she will be able to stretch her wings properly and get back to full strength ready to explore with the others again!

  Radio tracking in the snow
Amy radio tracking in the snow

  Crane footprints in the snow
Tamsin's foot prints near a roost area


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