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Latest updates and news from the project

This could be the start of something wonderful.... all about it at these links!

 ...and come along on to the Willow and Wetlands Centre in Stoke St. Gregory on  Saturday 12th December to find out more

Finding love in the Fens

Beatrice and unringed partner


 Beatrice & partner Ouse Washes, Cambs. Photo Garth Peacock.


Seeing Cranes in Somerset

  Photo - Kevin Harris.  (Thank you!)

50+ Cranes on the Somerset Levels and Moors - October 2015.


The early bird...

Autumn mornings are just the best!

Lovely set of photos here from local photographer and RSPB volunteer, John Crispin.

The cranes out on Aller Moor from the River Parrett Trail footpath

History is made!

I am delighted to announce that some of the cranes released through the reintroduction project have raised their own chicks to fledging. This is the first time cranes have produced their own fledged young in the South West for over 400 years - quite an achievement!


One of the chicks  - flying for the first time! (photo John Crispin)

Diggers and Cranes

A 'hole' lot of work has been going on in Somerset over the last few weeks with contractors creating some areas where we hope, one day, pairs of cranes may breed.

 Creating a 'crane breeding zone'

A journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step....

Sadly - it would appear that so far -  this year's crane nesting attempts on the Somerset Levels and Moors have not produced any chicks.

  Timmy & Michaela's empty nest