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The new cranes start to find their feet

 Exploring with Crane 'Mum' - Amy King. 

Class of 2012 take to the air

 Two of this years cohort lifting off.

Meeting the cranes

What a fantastic day! First, I should say hello, as I only recently joined the project and this is my first message.  Today has been incredibly exciting as I met our new young cranes for the first time! 


Recent photos from the pre-release pen

 Wycliffe up close (investigating the dangling lens-cap!)

 Green White Blue in the water supply ditch

Suited and Booted

 'Pancakes'  - bird 60  - Ring Combination Yellow-White-Blue.

The last few days have seen the young cranes fitted with their colour rings and some also fitted with GPS back-packs and leg-mounted Satellite tags.

They are intruiged by their new 'bling' and make a very pleasing gentle rattle as they stut around the rearing pens!


First hatchling of 2012

Nige, Amy and Harry arrived with the eggs around midnight on 20th April and the first egg hatched in the wee small hours of the morning.  A truly beautiful sight  -and what an immense effort for the chick to break out of such a thick-shelled, chunky egg. Incredible!   Three more are due to hatch shortly too.

Wanderers return.

The three cranes that went wandering last weekend returned on Friday - and the flock is once more made up of 34 birds.  We received no sightings of them whilst apart from the remaining 31 so sadly, we have no idea where they were! This weekend has also seem the flock split at times into smaller groups, which were seen using the thermals created in the unseasonally warm and sunny weather to  explore further afield.

New crane viewing dates!

Cranes in stubble

The RSPB is running five additional 'Dates with the cranes'. These events will include: 

a talk about the Great Crane Project 

Christmas Shoes finds a friend!