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Cranes somerset

Strawberry blonds....

Here are the cranes - relaxing in their pre-release enclosure yesterday. 

Harvest - time of plenty.

 Harvesting wheat  - last day of July.

Discovering new pastures

  Burrow Mump and Southlake Moor

Photo  © English Heritage. NMR.

Cranes AWOL on Saturday

  The Somerset Eighteen - Sunday Morning, Aller Moor. KH.

Longest flight ever...

The cranes were very unsettled yesterday and were at one point actually up in the air for around twenty minutes - the longest flight we have seen them make since release.  The weather was very warm, the sun was out, insects were buzzing and the sap was rising....perhaps they were checking out their next move, or just full of the joys of Spring.    

Attention all photographers...


We have just set up a Flickr group for those photographers out there keen to share their photos of the Somerset cranes with the rest of the world!

Simply go to sign up to the group and upload your images!

Ruby's back in the fold.

Ruby and Wendy

Over the last nine days, one of our cranes (Ruby), has been spending all of her time hiding with in a reed bed on a swampy pool near her original release site. This was quite unnerving for us as this was a long time to hide herself away and clearly there appeared to be something wrong.

What a change over the last three months!

Having been away in sunnier climes for the last few months, I am really impressed to see how much the cranes have changed. It is not just they're appearance, although Michael in particular sporting early adult head markings, is looking very impressive.

RIP Howard.

RIP Howard

Sadly something that we were all pretty sure of, was confirmed on Saturday the 22nd of January, when some of our volunteers found some of the missing cranes "Howard's," leg rings and her transmitter. Although no remains were found, the rings could not have come off the bird whilst it was still alive.

A brief respite

cranes in flight with mud on their feet

  Mennis, Michael (with the white face) Tamsin, and two other unidentifiable cranes in flight with mud on their feet! Photo: Kevin Harris