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Damon arrives in Germany

Arrived at the mill finally after an 18 hour journey by taxi, train, tube, plane, subway, highspeed train, slow train, and a lift in the crane truck courtesy of richard. All pretty smooth...especially the high speed train - known as the ice train. ( intercontinental express ). Loved Berlin station a real shrine to minimalism and industrial architecture. Also loved the doubledecker slow train...what a great way to pack in more passengers whilst giving them fantastic views!

Roland reporting from Brandenburg


Nigel's finally arrived (at 3:00 am in the morning), after his epic journey across Europe and we're finally ready to start looking for some crane nests (just in case your thinking that's a bit early, it's now 10:00 am).

Luckily for us we have some really dedicated German colleges who are really passionate about the project and they have done most of the leg work, monitoring the breeding cranes and their nests since the end of March. The cunning plan is that we only take eggs from nests that are badly situated and therefore likely to get robbed by the large numbers of wild boar that inhabit the area.