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Cranes hit the news!

crane chickThe arrival and hatching of young cranes appears to have caught the eye of the press this past couple of days with some excellent news coverage.

Jeremy Cooke, BBC Rural Affairs Correspondent, spent the day at Slimbridge filming the cranes and interviewing Wildfowl & Wetland Trust’s Nigel Jarrett and myself. This went on to be featured on BBC Breakfast and BBC News 24 ( along with a full article on the BBC news website (  and as audio on the BBC Radio Four Six o Clock news. We also hear it got a mention on Radio Two’s Chris Evans show as well.

The project was also covered on Radio Four’s natural history series “Saving Species”. This included a pre-recorded interview with Nigel Jarrett and, aftwerwards a fascinating interview with a chap from IUCN on the role of reintroductions in conservation.  Listen here

The story also featured widely in the papers, with nice articles in the Guardian ( and Metro News (

And, not to be outdone, Damon Bridge, Project Manager, managed a live interview over mobile phone with BBC Radio Somerset from out on site in Germany this morning!

Photo credit: Grahame Madge.

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Tony Whitehead, who has worked for the RSPB for more years than he cares to remember, is the wildlife charity's press officer in south west England. This great job involves enthusing journalists about the wonderful and varied wildlife of this particularly rich region and getting as much positive coverage for our feathered friends (and other creatures) as possible.


29 April, 2010 - 22:30
mozziecat's picture

Hi. I am a member of RSPB and the RSPB Site Forum. I live near the Somerset Levels Reserves, and I am really excited about this project. I have loved cranes since my mum gave me a book "Cranes Flying South" to read at Guide Camp. (50 years ago). I read about the Crane project last summer and we went to visit Slimbridge on our way to Scotland on holiday to find out more about it. I have been waiting to find out more and only found this site recently. I won't go on about myself again, and I don't blog a lot, but I'll be watching and will do what I can to help.
I really hope that one day I will go to one of the reserves and see a wild crane.
Best wishes and thanks to all the team.

Tony Whitehead
30 April, 2010 - 11:08
Tony Whitehead's picture

Many thanks for the lovely comment. We are so excited as well! The thought of free flying cranes on the Levels and Moors is something we are all looking forward too, and I'm sure if you are down there this winter you'll see and hear the first birds.