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Where are they now?


Through November, the group of around 70 birds in Somerset broke up into smaller units with birds being seen on maize stubbles and pasture near the river Yeo to the east of Long Load, on Aller Moor and on Southlake Moor. A group of around 40 have started regularly visiting Aller Moor where the banks of the River Parrett give an elevated position and better chance of seeing them. Try walking part of the River Parrett trail between Oath footbridge and Willow Bridge at Stathe. A splinter group of 7 birds appear fairly settled at the WWT Slimbridge reserve in Gloucestershire, and this has recently increased to 9 birds. The WWT site at Slimbridge provides great opportunities to view these birds too.

Cranes in the Maize - John Crispin

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Michael Wilson joined the Somerset RSPB team in Spring 2014 as the Somerset Wetlands Community Officer.