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Great Crane Journey!

I am not always at my best in the morning and a 4 am start seemed rather unsociable but Damon and I headed up from Somerset to meet the Slimbridge team with their very special consignment. After 3 months of dedication and hard work from the 'surrogate crane parents' the chicks made the 70 mile trip down the M5 to their secret Somerset location.

Cranes in transit!

Because of the vulnerable cargo it had to be a well planned operation to keep the stress to the birds to an absolute minimum. Each crane chick is loaded into a crate which is then loaded on to a van. We came with a spare van just in case! A vet was on hand the whole time to keep a close check on the birds.

All set for the Levels

Once at their destination the cranes were released in to a special holding aviary and they will remain here for another month to get acclimatised to the area by which time they will be ready to be released on to the Somerset Levels where they will join previous year’s birds. After this their progress will be closely monitored by a dedicated team of volunteers through out the winter.

All chicks safely delivered! 

The chicks journey was followed by BBC Breakfast and there will be a live broadcast from Somerset on Thursday morning, so be sure to tune in to BBC1 at 6:50, 7:50 and 8:50 am!

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