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Chicks Go Live!

After their successful journey to the Levels earlier this week I am delighted to announce that all of this year's chicks now have their very own profile on the website. We will keep these updated as time goes on. At the moment most of the birds are just known by their colour ring combination but as in previous years, we will invite local schools to name and champion each bird. Who knows what weird and wonderful names they will come up with? We already have two school champions, Ziggy has been named by Kingsbury Primary school and Diamond has been named by Woolavington Primary. Two other birds have been named by the Slimbridge team - Humbug (because of the black-white-black combo) and Chip (because she was the first one to chip out of the egg).

To check out the new comers go to 'The Cranes' tab at the top of page and 'Meet The Cranes of 2014'.

Which one will be your favourite?

Yellow White Black - 2nd July 2014

Although well over two months old, Diamond (aka yellow-white-black) is still sporting a rather nifty hair do!

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