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15 Minutes of Crane!

After an early start yesterday morning to help transport the crane chicks from Slimbridge to the Somerset Levels, Damon was up at the crack of dawn again, this time to meet a film crew from the BBC for a live outside broadcast.

Yesterday John Maguire from BBC Breakfast followed the progress of the chicks on their journey and this morning he met them on the Levels as they settled in to their new home. He spoke to Damon about the project and the success of the last 5 years and the hopes for a sustainable crane population on the Somerset Levels in the near future!

It is always good to get serious broadcasters to look a bit silly!

One inquisitive chick took a particular interest in John's ring

It was a lovely morning and the Levels looked fantastic as the sun came up. This was a far cry from the TV images of the winter and it is great to show what a unique and beautiful landscape the Somerset Levels are!

The recovery this year has been remarkable and the wild flower meadows have been a mass of colour and everywhere has been alive with grasshoppers, butterflies and dragonflies. A perfect place for any discerning crane to live!

Watch the BBC news report here:  Cranes Move to Somerset  


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