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A disappointing week

Having watched and waited eagerly for the ‘happy event’ due last weekend for Timmy and Michaela, disaster struck.   Evidence at the nest suggested that a chick had hatched but either died or was predated soon after. The parent birds were seen in the fields nearby feeding the following day. Such a shame to get so far but it is possible they could try for a third time.

Then two more nests have failed both Legend & Elle and Gerald & Flash have abandoned their nest, avian predation being in evidence when their nest was examined.  Gerald and Flashe's nest site was well chosen with knee deep water surrounding but there was a crows’ nest nearby and the cranes were observed to be off the nest quite often.  

Both pairs have remained in their territories and it is hoped they will also try again.  

Better news comes from Monty & Sedge at Slimbridge who are sitting on two eggs and we have some excellent photos on Twitter from visitors to Slimbridge as the nest can be easily observed from a hide.  The photo shows Monty defending the nest. 

Helen Evans, volunteer




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