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All hands to the net!

Carrying the net into place


 Carrying the net into place...

Mr Crane or Mrs Crane....the results are in!

 In the rearing facility - early July.


cranes, midsummer

From left to right - here's Bart, Cosmo, Gilbert, Squidgy, Reg, Gemma, Clarence, Wendy and Chris on mid-summer's day.  Many many thanks to John Crispin, crane volunteer for the wonderful photograph.

... and here's Bart having a fly around!

Growing up and getting on - video clip

Cranes in the Community


Spent a lovely day on Saturday at Othery Street Fair, where the return of the cranes to Somerset was celebrated by The Othery Society.  A marvelous crane nest float, complete with new hatched chicks and painted eggs, was paraded along the street.

Somerset Cranes Fly to Gloucestershire

The Old Order Changeth...?

  Tamsin, Reg, Sedge and Monty in April (John Crispin)

2011's crane pages now live!

Green Red White

Who is afraid of the sound of the wind in the grass?

Who likes a good scrap?

Who is obsessed with plantain?

Who loves eating slugs?

Find out at the 2011 Meet the cranes pages.....  

Forming cohorts and tussling with plantain

A short video taken last week of Amy with three of the cranes B3, B4 and B5, starting to form a stable cohort.

Chick B3 (nicknamed Charlie) is the one in the water.  He/She is quite a water baby!

Below is a short video taken on the same day of Chick C5 trying to eat one of the plantain seed heads.... giving up, and going foraging instead.

Fluff balls with fabulous ear tufts

  Wonderful photo taken by Marie-Ann D'Aloia, working for the project at the Crane School rearing facility this spring - Thanks Marie-Ann!