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The Great Crane Project - Job Vacancy

Christmas Shoes finds a friend!

Cranes.... third most common pet after cats and dogs....

Well.... it appears that this was the case way back in the mists of time in the Republic of Ireland!The link below is to a lovely article in The Golden Eagle news written about the recent influx of migrating cranes into County Cork.Fascinating stuff.

Cranes in Cornwall

Over the last few days a migrating flock of over 20 common cranes have been spotted in Cornwall.... and no - they have not come from Somerset!  


Have-a-go Cosmo

Cosmo  - having a go at Albert who is trying to feed within the pen.

Despite all this aggression, the 2010 and 2011 birds are now getting along well, and regularly feeding and roosting together.

Photo - Nick Upton  (thanks Nick!)

All loved up in Somerset

  Minnie, Squidgy and Vince - a bizarre love triangle ??

Strawberry blonds....

Here are the cranes - relaxing in their pre-release enclosure yesterday. 

Harvest - time of plenty.

 Harvesting wheat  - last day of July.

Jewellery fitted

Charlie (White Yellow White)


 Gerald (having a wing stretch)