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Win a free family ticket to see the cranes at Slimbridge!

Origami Crane Sculpture

Somerset Art Works are giving away a family ticket to Slimbridge, which will give access to everything the Slimbridge Wetland Centre has to offer, including the new Great Crane Art exhibition in the foyer. 

They're growing like there's no tomorrow....

 Yellow Black Blue - 62 days old today, 9th July 2012

 Blue Black Blue - 70 days old today, 9th July 2012.

40 days and 40 nights

  Chick A4 (Red Black Blue) now over 40 days old!

For over forty days (and nights) the crane team at WWT Slimbridge have been caring for the new batch of cranes  - all of which are growing phenomenally fast.

I have been popping up to lend a hand from time to time... and have to resist the words my Grandma always said to me when I went to visit.... "Here ... havn't you grown! "

A sad day for all at The Great Crane Project.

 Peter on the Someset Levels, Autumn 2009.

On Saturday we heard the sad news that Peter Newbery, one of the founding members of The Great Crane Project, and a friend and inspiration to many of us had died. 

The 2012 cranes first few days - an illustrated guide...


1. The egg is 'pipped' ie the chick has pushed its beak through and made a hole.  The chick can now take up to 24 hours to get out of the egg, where it has been developing for the last 28-30 days. 

and the winner in the cutest chick category goes to....

 One of this years oldest chicks taking its first walk outside...

 Surely crane chicks must win the prize?

What a welcome.

 The River Parrett, overflowing onto Aller Moor. 03/05/2012

We drove the second batch of eggs back to the UK on Tuesday this week - a fairly painless 16 hour drive - but not particulalry helped by our car being in 'limp-home mode' with an electrical fault from about 2hrs in to the journey!  

First hatchling of 2012

Nige, Amy and Harry arrived with the eggs around midnight on 20th April and the first egg hatched in the wee small hours of the morning.  A truly beautiful sight  -and what an immense effort for the chick to break out of such a thick-shelled, chunky egg. Incredible!   Three more are due to hatch shortly too.

Eggs are on their way

Just heard from the team in Germany - 17 eggs have now been collected and are due to set off at 6am Friday 20th April.  A number of them can be heard chirping from inside the egg.... and they are moving around all over the place.  Hatching is imminent....  Only 1,385 km of driving to do.

First batch of the class of 2012 safely in the incubator

The first batch of eggs for this year have been collected and are currently keeping warm and cosy, safe in the incubator at the Glambecker Mill in Brandenburg.  Well done Nige, Beate, Amy, Harry and Nicky, a brilliant job well done!  Another batch to be collected early next week and then due back at WWT Slimbridge on April 20th. Can't wait!