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Through the doorway to eternity

 Yellow Red Yellow enjoying its first taste of freedom.

In the week that saw the Voyager spacecraft leave the Solar system and become the first ever man-made object to enter inter-stellar space  -  a similar epic moment has occured here on the Levels and Moors.

The fourth batch of young cranes has been release to supplement the growing Somerset population of 47 birds.

Avoiding the fence Coming back in to land - mind that fence!!

There are now 66 birds in total - and over the coming weeks and months, the new birds will start to integrate with the already well-established group of adults and near-adults.

 Flying past Amy and Damon

It is a very exciting and busy time for the project staff and volunteers monitoring the birds, as the integration is not a very smooth transition - more of a mashing together of two groups of rivals with really well established pecking orders and heirarchies.  

This is penultimate of five years of crane releases onto the Moors, which hopes to see the common crane re-established on the moors .... for ever.

 Black White Yellow... landing.

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Damon’s role is to act as the hub of the project - making sure everyone involved knows what is going on and that it is all running smoothly. He is also responsible for project community awareness work in Somerset, construction of the release enclosure, and running the post release monitoring work in Somerset.  Damon works alongside the RSPB reserve teams in Somerset.