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Love is in the air

... and it's not even February yet!

Wonderful photos here of Monty and Chris mating, and Ruby and Sedge having a bit of a stand-off, taken by Paul George, from the BBC - a huge thankyou for sharing with us.

 Monty & Chris mating - 11th Jan 2014

Post-coital strut And a wonderful post-coital strut! 

Ruby and Sedge Last spring saw a lot of rivalry between Sedge and Ruby - both female birds... and it would appear the same is true this year too.

All photos taken at Slimbridge Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust, where a group of 6 birds (the pair Monty and Chris, and also the male bird Bart, and females Ruby, Sedge and Wendy have taken up residence).  

Meanwhile in Somerset there are very similar activites taking place amongst the birds - but currently quite a lot further away from view, and somewhat cut-off by the floods ! 

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