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Fluff balls with fabulous ear tufts

  Wonderful photo taken by Marie-Ann D'Aloia, working for the project at the Crane School rearing facility this spring - Thanks Marie-Ann!

I spent a wonderful day again last week, up with the team at crane school.  The oldest birds are now over five weeks old, stand around 45cm tall, and weigh in at 1kg!  Their characters are really starting to develop too.  White Red still has a penchant for plantain  - seen here trying to eat one of the seed heads....

Some of the youngest chicks in 'block D' are rather timid, and fearfull of new things outside of their coops.  Amy and Roland have been putting in many hours trying to coax them out into the big wide world of the pen.  Incredibly, Clarence was like this last year - and look at him now - flying off to spend the night north of the Poldens and cruising up at 1000 ft !  

The team have also been putting a lot of time into sorting out one or two chicks that were developing  slightly wonky legs.  This is not unusual for a crane, and is largely caused by the rate at which they grow! 

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