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The Final Chapter

White Yellow Black taking off White Yellow Black - taking off

On Tuesday we released the final batch of 17 cranes into the Levels & Moors.

 Leading the group out of the pens

They are a fantastic bunch of birds, and the way they mastered the art of flying and landing in only a day is quite incredible.  

 Red Blue Black coming into land

We are now very busy monitoring their progress from dawn to dusk.  A couple of them - (Black White Black or Humbug & Red Blue Black) went off to find the older birds almost immediately and roosted out with them the first night.  

A couple of them are 'doing their own thing' - most notably Black Green Black, and Black Red Black (Ziggy) who are tending to hang out alone and separate from the main group of young birds. 

Black Green Black Black Green Black (Cleg) taking off (He's HUGE!!)

Today, there has been quite a bit of interaction with the older flock - with the two groups starting to mingle and check each other out.   Not too many fights witnessed yet... but I'm sure there will be some over the next few weeks.

Ted in flight Ted (Black Yellow Black) in flight

Thanks to John Crispin for the fabulous photos taken on release day.

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