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Eyjafjallajökull Fallout


Ash cloudWatched the 10 o'clock news last night....and discovered that more clouds of ash from Eyjafjallajökull are heading Europe’s way, so booked myself onto the Eurostar to Paris – and an overnight DeutschBahn train to Berlin.

If the airports are still closed this weekend -  I should now at least  be able to get out and join the team in Germany.  This way we can ensure that a second batch of eggs in late April can be brought back in either the project crane truck, currently in Brandenburg – or by plane if all is well with flying again.  Didn’t sleep so well – thinking about all the possibly options for transport....and knock on effects of the earth just doing its stuff!   A great reminder that mankind is not in charge of the world - and how potentially transient our modern world is.   

Nigel arrived at the Glambekker Mühle (the old mill near Angermünde that is the team work base in Brandenburg)  at around 1am this morning after an absolutely mammoth 18 hour drive.   He, Roland and Richard, Beate and Eberhard from the Vielfalt Biosphäre team are meeting at 7pm tonight to finalize the egg collection planned for Wednesday and Thursday.

The current plan is for Nigel and Roland to drive the first batch of eggs back sometime over the weekend....but watch this space!

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