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A dead calm

 West Sedgemoor Jan 20th - 12 noon

Amazing morning on 'crane safari' duties this morning  - 56 cranes feeding in pasture on Stanmoor - and then wading back to the office through the deepest floods on West Sedgemoor in living memory in quite eerily still conditions.

We think it will be at least a week until pumping resumes to get this flood water off up into the embanked river Parrett. The spillways are currently running to take excess flood water from the Parrett through the River Sowy flood releif channel to the Kings Sedgemoor Drain and ultimately the sea -so no pumping into the river for the time being. 

There really is a phenomenal amount of water here - and  spread over such a vast area.  There has been much disruption to peoples lives and livelihoods this winter as well as an overall negative effect on the wildlife too of course. The latest estimate is 63 milllion cubic metres... (that's 63 million tonnes!) of water stored in the floodplain.  As you can imagine - there's much local discussion/debate on where to go from here. How to alleviate the problem of severe and extensive flooding in the future, protecting homes, and livelihoods, whilst  ensuring the area continues to support the nationally and internationally important wildlife and habitats. 

joined up, rational approach to managing the river catchment from source to sea will be essential.  

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