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Creating New Wetlands

 Mr Mitchell with work just starting on the new wetland zone.

Work has started this week on the creation of a brandnew 12.5ha block of wetland on private land at the heart of the Levels and Moors.

  The ground all marked out ready to go.

The wetland will include a hectare or more of swampy fen, surrounding a core of small pools and swampy islands that will hopefully provide ideal breeding habitat for cranes.  A system of deeper water channels will also be cut  through the breeding zone that will act as a detterrent to ground predators. 

Starting Work Removing the top layer of silt

Foggy morning... work progressing Day 3 of the works - a foggy morning! 

Many many thanks must go to Sam Mitchell, who owns the land, and has agreed to transform a it into what will become a thriving wetland habitat that will one day hopefully attract breeding cranes.  Many thanks also to Neil Peppard, who will be farming it, and Steve Portch from Natural England for getting the HLS agreement processed in such a short turn-around. We also need to thank Phil Brewin from the Somerset Drainage Board Consortium for his advice and support, and the EA team from Exeter who considered and agreed the application.  Big thanks to the contractor Tim Burbidge, and his operators Phil and Dave - Many people have been involved in getting to this stage... and there's a long way still to go! 

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