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Birds of a feather...

Flock of cranes - Somerset Sept 2017  Flocking cranes - Somerset Autumn 2017 - John Crispin.

The autumn is producing some spectacular sights and sounds in Somerset as the cranes, much dispersed through the summer months, noisily flock together to forage across recently harvested barley and maize fields.

  Heading out to feed at dawn - John Crispin

They are being seen regularly moving between favoured feeding, resting (loafing), and night time roosting areas.  

Over Aller Moor  Over Aller Moor - John Crispin

Look and listen out for them from the River Parrett Trail between Langport and Burrowbridge, particularly around Stathe/Oath area.   

Timmy, Michaela and their two chicks - Oct 2017 

Timmy, Michaela and their two chicks - October 2017.  John Crispin.   

This year's chicks are easily distinguished in flight by their high-pitched 'schweeep' calls (rather than the gruff, frog-like  'burrrrruppp' of the adults) and on the deck by their brown heads without the distinctive white cheek patches - see the photo above.

Happy Autumn everyone! 







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