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Update on progress and Clarence has a bath

As the others have mentioned, the birds have been developing quickly and have reached the stage where they can form larger groups. It is hard to describe the feelings of excitement I feel every time we reach a new stage of development with the birds. Having 10 individuals foraging around me without fighting (well mostly!) and following me around the exercise area is indescribable. I also find the clumsy attempts at practise take-offs a source of constant amusement, as they do not have flight feathers yet so just hop about looking excited, especially in blustery weather!

I am filled with a sense of pride at how well the birds are doing and excitement at the prospect of all these wonderful birds being present on the levels and moors. I never tire of watching the birds forming pecking orders, foraging, bathing and tossing about various bits of flora they find to eat. The inquisitive side of the elder individuals is really developing. I have taken a video of Clarence, our eldest crane, having his first bath on a warm sunny day. I bet it felt great as his feathers are growing through now! There is also a picture below the video, of Howard looking a little wet after a good wash.

- Amy

Howard one of the crane youngsters

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