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Ruby's back in the fold.

Over the last nine days, one of our cranes (Ruby), has been spending all of her time hiding with in a reed bed on a swampy pool near her original release site. This was quite unnerving for us as this was a long time to hide herself away and clearly there appeared to be something wrong.

Ruby and Wendy

This isn't the first time that this kind of behaviour has been exhibited by one the cranes, as Mennis behaved in the same way recently, although only for a couple of days. We are not one hundred percent sure why the cranes act this way, however there is a good chance that it is health related. The crane group is quite a tough place to be, with different individuals constantly competing with each other for the position of top crane. Therefore if a bird is under the weather, then the last place they want to be is with the rest of the flock and it is a much safer option to go and hide away until they feel better.

It was then a real relief to hear from some of our intrepid volunteers, that all was well with Ruby and she was back feeding with the rest of the group safe and sound.  

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