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Another character in the group has been our chick colour banded ‘red/black’ who has obtained the nickname 'Pansy'. This bird has found each step in the growing up process a challenge and it took a while to get it self feeding. Eventually it plucked up the courage to explore the grassy enclosure outside where we at once discovered it was afraid of water! So much so that when it came across a puddle it would run away cheeping! It didn’t inspire us with confidence being as it’s a wetland species!

Pansy the young crane

However, with much patience and gentle persuasion (usually using food as a bribe) we managed to get it to start walking up to the water channel. It still would not go in but had at least stopped running away. Eventually as we started to leave the group together for long periods of time thirst seemed to over-ride the fear and it was brave enough to take a dip in the water to have a drink!

Pansy the crane foraging for food

There is no stopping the little chick now, even puddles are exciting places to explore!

- Amy

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