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Crane Wars? - Not Quite!

Over the last few days the 2010 and 2011 cranes have been getting to know each other properly in the external portion of their enclosure.  The first few encounters have been quite intense as a new (literal) pecking order is established.  As predicted, the more aggressive younger birds have been trying to assert their dominance on the older, larger and more experienced cranes, but to little avail.  Birds such as Gerald and red-yellow-white have managed to intimidate a few of the less confident older birds, but were soon put in their place by Clarence and his troops!  Surprisingly, some of the quieter 2010 birds have also been quite balshy toward the 2011 group, perhaps trying to gain some grounding where previously they had none.

After the first few really hostile encounters, the birds are beginning to tolerate each other, especially when they are busy feeding (and staying out of pecking distance).  Whether or not the birds will stay in their seperate age groups or form one large 'sedge' of somerset cranes, only time will tell.

2010 and 2011 cranes feeding together.

The two age groups mingling, assisted by the presence of food.

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