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Jet-Set Millie!


A few weeks ago, one member of the 2011 crane cohort, Mildred, or 'Millie', unfortunately dissapeared.  She was presumed to have either been lost due to predation or from the strong winds generated by ex-hurricane Katia.  It was to great delight and amazment when news came through that she had been sighted!  Not just on a neighbouring moor, or a few miles down the road, but in far eastern Kent!  This is a direct journey of nearly 180 miles, as the crane flies, an amazing feat for such a young bird.

 Millie has been seen now at Stodmarsh NNR and has most recently been sighted near Reculver Marshes.  She appears to be in good health, and is being monitored by local birders and naturalists, as noted by the following KOS blogs:

Millie in Somerset
Millie in Somerset, pre-release. 


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