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Cranes at Muchelney Abbey?


Some cranes amongst the abbey ruins

For the coming few weeks, a large flock of cranes will be taking up residence amongst the historic ruins of Muchelney abbey.  They aren't living cranes however, but over 70 life size painted wooden decoys, and are there as part of Somerset Art Weeks, inconjunction with Somerset Art Works. The wooden cut-outs have been painted by local schools and community groups, with each crane coloured each in a unique fashion, ranging from stunning Somerset landscapes, to colourful rainbows to actual crane representations.  The Abbey is also hosting a number of local somerset artists - including David Brayne, Fiona Campbell, Kitty Hillier, Andrea Clarke and Hilda Vaughan who have been inspired by both cranes and wetlands.  In these wonderful surroundings, you can also find numerous coloured wire, cardboard, and papier-mâché pieces created by local school children in conjunction with the Great Crane Project and Somerst Art Works.  These fabulous works are definately worth a look, so for more information visit the SAW website:

Alternatively, visit their Great Crane Art Project blog

They are there for the next couple of weeks  - so get along quick before they fly off.

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